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If normal 5-letter word guessing starts to be not-so-challenging to you, try out Diffle! In this game, players have to figure out a random word with no specified letter limit, so expect to give quite a lot of guesses in order to determine the word! Thankfully, there is no guessing limit in Diffle, but players can try to complete the game with the fewest attempts possible!

Diffle features the same hint system as the original Wordle, color-coded with green, yellow, and gray. In this game, however, the hints work quite differently due to the unlimited number of letters:

  • The letters in green circles mean that they are in the correct order. In this case, don’t try to add any letters between them.
  • The letters in yellow circles mean that they are in the word but aren’t in the right order (in comparison to the green letters).
  • The letters in gray circles mean that they don’t belong to the word.

With these clues, good luck finding the chosen word!

How To Play

  • Type or use the virtual keyboard to create words, and submit to see if they are correct.
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