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Password Game is a mind-boggling puzzle challenge that will make you muster every ounce of your brain. Craft an impregnable password that can beat any hacker!

Create the Hardest-to-remember Password Ever!

If you think that your passwords are already complex enough, Password Game will change your mind! Get ready for a mind-boggling puzzle challenge that will make you muster every ounce of your brain. Create an unimaginable password that satisfies each and every one of the game's rules, which range from very normal, harmless ones to rules that just don’t seem to make any sense at all!

Our Password Game, which is based on the immensely popular browser game The Password Game, keeps the same spirit (and frustration) but makes it fresh by introducing a new set of rules each day. Being intuitive and enjoyable, this game will give you a boost of dopamine to get your day started! Who knows, you might even end up putting the newfound techniques for creating passwords to use in the future! Challenge yourself or your friends to see who can create the password with the least amount of time elapsed!


  • Silly and enjoyable gameplay!
  • Simple and intuitive interface—you only need to type (a lot)!
  • A timer so you can become better at creating unreadable passwords day by day!
  • The randomized rules are there every day for you to fulfill, making each playtime a brand new experience!
  • The rules are listed with progressive difficulty and questionable demands. Who came up with these rules anyway?!

How To Play

Password Game starts with the player entering characters into an input box in order to fulfill the requirements of the rules. The rules indicated by green boxes have been satisfied, whereas the rules indicated by red boxes require additional inputs. With each rule completed, the next one appears, and so on. Most of the time, completing a new rule results in the previous rules being unfulfilled, so players will have to make changes to their password as the game goes on. Try your best to satisfy every questionable rule the game demands as fast as possible!

The rules are changed every day for players to follow in the game. These rules begin with relatively reasonable requirements, such as "having eight characters" or "including a capitalized letter", but soon escalate into something unexpected, like finding the hex color code for a color! Completing all the rules will result in winning the game, and Password Game will also display the time needed for you to complete it.


  • Players must fulfill all rules that the game demands to win the game.
  • The rules are randomized each day.
  • Although there is no time limit for any rule or for the game as a whole, players are able to monitor the amount of time that has passed with the timer displayed above.
  • Some rules are randomized each time the game is refreshed, such as the hex color codes or country names.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use lowercase letters whenever you can: The game recognizes the letter forms, whether they are capitalized or lowercase, bold or italic, and so much more. Some rules require the letter forms quite strictly, such as in the case of Roman numbers and periodic table elements. This is why you should prioritize lowercase letters to reduce the chance of conflicting with other rules.
  • Don’t capitalize letters unless necessary: Whenever you come across a situation in which the game does not recognize your words as a valid “answer” to a rule, try using capitalized letters instead. For example, “ufo” isn’t registered as an acronym, while “UFO” is. However, if there are rules that include Roman numerals, it is best to avoid these capitalized letters if you can when trying to fulfill other rules: L (50), C (100), D (500), and M (1000).
  • Opt for lower-number characters: A rule of thumb is that it is always easier to add more than subtract. Hence, if you have any rules regarding numbers, try to find alternatives with lower-number characters. For instance, instead of typing "2004" as the prime number, use "2000" so the digit of your numbers does not exceed the requested sum from another rule.
  • Consider deleting unnecessary parts to fulfill other rules more easily: As you continue, you may come across some rules that are incompatible with the ones that came before. In that case, go back to the first parts of your password that you typed to satisfy simpler rules. You can check to see whether deleting these parts would not have an effect on the rules while also providing the subsequent rules with extra space for additional characters. This is especially helpful with rules that require players to have the sum of digits inside their password not exceed a certain number, and so on.
  • Search engines are your best friends: Some rules may be exceptionally tricky, making them impossible to satisfy unless you have outside help. Not sure which country this flag belongs to? Search the image! Unable to identify the hex code for this color? Perhaps there is a website that can assist you with that!
  • Copy your password somewhere once in a while: Sometimes mishaps happen, so you should keep a copy of your password somewhere. Even if you decide to play the game again later in the day, some of the characters in your password will still be usable!

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Happy gaming!

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