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Wordle 4 Letters is like a new version of Wordle, but instead of guessing 5 characters in a word, this version only needs to guess 4 characters. Because this is a game with a random selection of characters. In this game, you only have six chances to guess and find the main keyword and put it in the correct place in the word.
How to play and recognize is similar and simple as in the old versions. The letters are marked in colors including green, yellow, and gray. The blue color helps you know it's the correct letter and in the right place. The yellow color tells you the correct letter but in the wrong place. The final color is gray, representing the words that are not in the keyword.
This fun game helps you experience difficult puzzles and develop your brain effectively. If you want to participate in more difficult levels, you can try Wordle 5 Letters.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to fill in the correct answer in the squares and move on to the next level.
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