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There is no better way to start your day than with a dose of good ‘ol word puzzles such as Wordle! Fun, exciting, and quick to complete, the game is perfect for playing over a cup of coffee. Within six attempts, try to guess the chosen five-letter word of the day!


Thanks to its basic yet intuitive gameplay, Wordle is well-received by people around the world. The biggest part of its charm is the fun of trying to guess a word based on the hints given after each attempt:

  • Letters in green boxes indicate that they are in the right spot.
  • Letters in yellow boxes indicate that they appear in the chosen word but are not in the right spot.
  • Letters in gray boxes indicate that they don’t appear in the chosen word.

Based on the provided hint, players have to piece things together in order to find the word of the day.

How To Play

  • Begin guessing by typing or clicking on the virtual keyboard.
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