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Don’t miss out on this game if you are a movie enthusiast! Moviedle is an exciting puzzle game in which players guess a movie’s name after watching the one-second version of that entire movie (yes, you heard it right). Test your memory and reflexes with this interesting game inspired by the Wordle game!

Moviedle introduces players to the fastest film showing to ever exist, which is to watch the whole film in one second. After that, players can guess the name of the movie. If you are not sure whether you typed the name correctly, worry not, as the game also provides movie names that match your guess the closest. If players’ guesses turn out to be incorrect, they will get to see the slower version of that movie, so they will have a higher chance of seeing noticeable details. Every day, Moviedle has a new movie available, so you can start guessing again!

How To Play

  • Watch the 1-second version of the movie. After that, type the movie’s name and check to see if it is correct.
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