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Show off your extensive geography knowledge with Globle! The game is inspired by Wordle, but its main topic revolves around the countries around the world. Make a guess, and check how close your guess is to the mystery country!

Globle is a well-made puzzle game that features a beautiful interactive 3D model of the Earth. The players’ role is to guess the mystery country of the day by typing its name and submitting it. After that, the guessed country will be highlighted on the Earth model, with color indicating the distance from it to the mystery country. The more similar this color is to dark red, the closer your guess is to the mystery country. While there is no limit to how many attempts you can make, players can try to find the mystery country with the fewest guesses possible. Each day, the game refreshes, and there will be a new mystery country for you to play!

How To Play

  • Type the name of a country and check to see if it is the mystery country of the day.
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