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Connections Game is a brand new puzzle game that will put your word skills and general knowledge to the test! Try your best to uncover the link between the words and create groups of four that have some kind of connection. Be careful, though; you only have four chances to group words together incorrectly!

In Connections Game, there are 16 different words, and it is up to the players to put them into groups of four. As simple as it may sound, some words seem like they can belong to many groups because of their multiple meanings, so you will have to choose carefully. For example, Fiji can be both an island country and a popular bottled water brand!

How To Play

Choose four words and check to see whether they are in the same group. If they belong to the same group, the name of that group will appear. However, if not, you will lose one attempt at wrongly guessing. Try to form all groups before the four attempts run out!

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