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The Password Game by Neal Agarwal is an addictive puzzle game that requires players to create a password based on a series of questionable and absurd rules.

Create a Password That is Totally Unusable!

Remember these auto-generated passwords with illegible characters, symbols, and numbers all jumbled up together? Well, you are about to create something like that (or even worse) in The Password Game! Satisfy every single rule provided and craft a password that nobody could ever guess!

Being both entertaining and frustrating, The Password Game is well-received by both players and critics. Some praise the inventive gameplay, while others consider the game to be "the most evil, frustrating game ever". Funnily enough, even the creator of the game did not expect that someone could complete The Password Game. Be a password creator and prove him otherwise in this exciting game! 

How To Play

To play the game, simply start typing your password. The game begins with normal rules like "having at least five characters", gradually getting to something like "today’s Wordle answer" and other downright crazy rules. After completing one rule, the next one will show up, and so on.

There are also rules that require players’ constant monitoring throughout the game. One rule will give them an egg emoji of an unhatched chicken, whose name is Paul. If anything happens to the egg emoji (including deleting it from the password), the game will end. After a few rules, Paul will hatch and need to be fed three caterpillar emojis every minute. Not feeding or overfeeding him will also result in "game over".

There are a total of 35 different password rules to fulfill. In the event that players manage to fulfill them all (congratulations!), the game will ask for the players to confirm the final password. After that, the true endgame begins. Players only have two minutes to retype what they have just created. It is possible to copy-paste it, but players must do that before confirming the password. Players finally beat the game when they manage to retype every single letter of their password.


  • Funny and unique gameplay!
  • All you need to do is type!
  • Over 35 rules for you to fulfill!
  • The rules are listed with progressive difficulty and absurdity.
  • Bonus: Care for a chicken (his name is Paul!) and feed him caterpillars.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pick the best CAPTCHA: In Rule 10, you can refresh the CAPTCHA for as long as you want, so utilize this to pick one that doesn’t have any numbers or capitalized letters.
  • Letter/number spamming: To control the character count and fulfill the Winding rules with ease, you can spam a lot of dashes or dots. The same also goes for rules regarding number or atomic number sum: you can type "11111111" or "HHHHHHH" to satisfy the rules first, then delete later as you progress.
      • In addition, your password will be set on (literal) fire at some point, so having a lot of "spam" letters and numbers helps a lot with fixing your password afterwards.
  • Protect the egg: When you receive the egg emoji in Rule 17, it is best to place it at the beginning of the password. Not only will this protect him from the fire, but you can monitor him more easily later on.
  • Feed Paul the chicken: Throughout the game, you will need to keep Paul alive by feeding him. You can place a maximum of eight caterpillar emojis right behind Paul. Don’t forget to add more caterpillars later!

Being such a complex game, players still face much difficulty, even with the tips listed above. Worry not, as we also provide extra hints for rules that most people have trouble with! Check out the guides for these rules here:

  • Rule 9: Picking the Roman numerals that multiply to 35.
  • Rule 11: It’s Wordle-solving time!
  • Rule 13: Which moon phase is currently happening?
  • Rule 14: Find out the country in GeoGuessr style!
  • Rule 16: Which chess move is the best?
  • Rule 17: Where to place the egg emoji?
  • Rule 18: How to calculate the sum of atomic numbers.
  • Rule 23: How to care for Paul.
  • Rule 24: How to find YouTube videos with a specific length.
  • Rule 28: Color 101 - How to define the hex code.

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