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Garden Bloom, come along on Lucy's fascinating experience-filled trip as you create a fantasy flower garden with various hues. The game offers a wonderful experience with eye-catching graphics. By finishing missions and gradually developing your garden, you can create it to your preferences. Additionally, the design, colors, and music will help you relax while you play.

In Garden Bloom, you match at least three flowers of the same hue; the more connected flowers there are, the better the result is. Use power-ups to finish the task if you need assistance. The game will feature various stages, and each level's difficulty will gradually rise. The garden will be developed, fixed, made better, and more fully realized at each level.

How To Play

  • Use a mouse pointer to connect flowers of the same color together. 

If you like playing puzzle games, you can refer to other games such as 4 Pic Word Quiz, and Catch The Cat. They are also extremely attractive and help you train your brain well.

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