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Do you love food and can’t get enough of Wordle puzzles? If that rings true to you, then Foodle is the game you have been looking for! You know the rule: guess the secret word in under six attempts, but this time, you can only type food-related words!

Foodle keeps everything we know and love about Wordle while letting players guess only words relating to food. This includes fruits, deserts, dishes, catering businesses—basically any word that you can correlate to “food”. After each guess, the game will also provide you with color hints regarding letters: green for letters that are already in the right place, yellow for letters that belong to the secret word but have to be somewhere else, and gray for letters that don't appear in the word. Each day, a brand new puzzle is available for players to guess, so don’t forget to come back and enrich your food-related vocabulary!

How To Play

  • Type or use the virtual keyboard to create a five-letter word relating to food and submit it to see if it is the secret word.
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