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Can’t get enough of merging numbers in 2048? Try out 2048 Cupcakes, a game that lets you combine delicious cupcakes to create even more beautiful and tasty ones! From average-looking vanilla birthday cupcakes to extravagant chocolate sundae ones, they will surely catch your attention! Continue merging more and more cupcakes and discovering new ones in the process!

2048 Cupcakes features overly-delicious cupcakes along with simple but enjoyable gameplay. If you are familiar with the classic 2048, this game works the same way: simply push all the tiles in one direction and merge the identical ones to create other tiles with higher values. But instead of numbers, 2048 Cupcakes has all kinds of cupcakes with different calorie counts, which also serves as a way to record scores. What is the highest calorie count you have achieved?

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to move all the tiles in the desired direction. When two tiles with the same cupcake get pushed together, they merge into a new one with a higher calorie value. Continue doing so to create more and more cupcakes, and try to clear the board so new tiles can spawn.

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