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Having a quick break and needing something quick, simple, and enjoyable to relax for a bit? Try out 2048: Puzzle Classic, and your break will feel like seconds! Move all the tiles on the 4x4 grid board and let the tiles with the same values bump into each other so they can merge and create a tile with a higher value! Will you be able to create the "2048" tile?

2048: Puzzle Classic features all you know and love about the original 2048 game, but with a darker interface so you don’t strain your eyes. On the grid board, there are tiles with powers of two, and it is up to you to merge the similar tiles together! However, each time you move the board, new tiles will pop up in random blank slots, so you will have to combine as many tiles as possible in order to clear the board for new tiles. Enjoyable and relaxing, 2048: Puzzle Classic is suitable for people of all ages and offers endless fun!

How To Play

  • Move the board by swiping your mouse or using the arrow keys.
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