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Dordle is a game in the list of familiar puzzle genres. The rules are classic; you will have to guess two target words at the same time. It is also possible to play with 4–6-letter words in a fun daily game mode. You can only guess two hidden words seven times; otherwise, the game will start all over again.
Game with diverse and novel features, such as vivid images, along with intuitive controls. It brings entertainment experiences that are both addictive and equally challenging. Especially the game with hundreds of different levels promises to bring you great hours. Try to complete the goal in the fastest time and win.

How To Play

  • Control using the mouse or keyboard to find the final solution.
  • Notice that, after each guess, the color of the letter will change. For the word highlighted in green, it means it can be found in the search term. As for the word highlighted in yellow, it means that the word is in the search term but not in the desired position.
  • Related games: Weirdle.
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