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Duotrigordle is released with the purpose of satisfying those who love challenging puzzle games. Here, you are involved in the process of completing the puzzle with 32 words and no more than 37 guesses. This is really a challenge for puzzle lovers. You can only type one word at a time with 32 squares on the board. Try to solve the puzzle and find the word as quickly as possible by taking advantage of the color hints and searching each square. Show your intelligence through each puzzle and confidently win the highest score on the leaderboard right away.

How To Play

  • First, enter any letter using the keyboard at the bottom of the grid, along with the appearance of four words.
  • Press the enter button and continue to fill in the words. If you fill it all in correctly, the board will lock and go to the next level.
  • Color word suggestions will tell you how accurate the word is, similar to Wordle.
  • Proceed to scroll down to examine each block.

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