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Primel is one of the puzzle games inspired by Wordle; however, instead of letters, the game fiddles with numerals, and more specifically, prime numbers! Try to find the chosen 5-digit prime number of the day within six attempts (and sometimes be impressed that you even managed to conjure up a prime number).

If you are a long-time fan of Wordle, you could have probably guessed the rules in Primel. For your convenience, after each guessing attempt, the game will show you the hints regarding numbers:

  • Numbers in green boxes: They are in the right place!
  • Numbers in yellow boxes: They belong to the chosen prime number but aren’t in the right place.
  • Numbers in gray boxes: They don’t appear in the chosen number.

Fortunately, unlike letters, there are only ten digits for you to use, so this should not pose too much of a problem for players. There is a new puzzle available every day, so come back later and find the prime number of the day!

How To Play

  • Type or click on the virtual keyboard to make a prime number, and check if it is the chosen number.
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