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Troll your Wordle-loving friends with Horsle, a word-guessing game in which you have to determine the mystery 5-letter word of the day. But here is the twist: there is only one correct answer, and it is always "horse"!

In some sense, there is no better (and crazier) way to express your love for words and horses than by guessing the so-called "mystery word" over and over again. Just like the original Wordle, there are six attempts available for you to guess, even if you don’t need them. With each attempt, the game also gives feedback regarding your guess with color-coded letter hints. Green for correct letters in the right position, yellow for letters that belong to the word but are in the wrong position, and gray for letters that don’t belong to the word—you know the drill. You can also share the game with a friend and have a good laugh together!

How To Play

  • Type or use the keyboard on the screen to create 5-letter words. (Hint: The word is “horse”).
  • Related games: Centordle.
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