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Polydle is one of the most interesting and brain-hacking multi-grid versions of Wordle available today. It gives you options for solving one or more grids at the same time. Can you solve them all at once, from 1 to 2315 grids? It means you need to crack all the hidden keywords or random words on multiple grids. To secure your chances of winning, this means clearing as many nets as possible.

How To Play

Quickly figure out five significant letters in the fastest time possible and type the answer. The colors of the words show you how close they are to the phrase. And you can scroll left or right just to see the list of words. If a word can't be decoded yet, you'll get a set of colors that includes green, indicating it's in place. Yellow indicates the presence of that letter, but in the wrong place. And the rest are white squares that reveal to you that the word is not in the phrase.

Play, experience, and don't worry when you can't find a solution. You can completely skip ahead to find the hints in the game. Play now!

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