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Love Wordle but want something more competitive? Try out Squabble, a game that incorporates RPGs into Wordle! Compete with friends or other players online to see who’s the best word manipulator in this exciting and unique game! Let’s get typing now!

Squabble introduces players to a very interesting premise: what if word guessing can do damage? In this game, you guess the chosen 5-letter words as you normally would in the original Wordle, with all six attempts. However, you will not be the only one playing in this battle, as there are numerous others who also try to do the same, so you better be quick! For each player, there is a health bar, and players lose the game when their health bar gets to zero. For each second that passes, you take one damage and heal whenever you guess the word right. Try your best to guess as many words correctly as you can, and be the last one standing!

How To Play

  • Type or use the virtual keyboard to make 5-letter words.
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