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Get ready to rack your brain with The Impossible Quiz, a game that gives impossible questions that are not impossible to answer! Most of the questions really come out of nowhere, and players will have to think creatively to find the right answer! Beware, though; you only have three attempts to answer incorrectly, so make your choices carefully!

The Impossible Quiz features very intuitive gameplay. Players are given questions and answers to those questions, and they will have to choose the correct one in order to continue. While they can be fairly normal at first, the “answers” are often hidden in the game. Some require you to think logically, while others have so few clues that you can only guess the answer! With 110 questions in total, only the most intelligent (and luckiest) person can win The Impossible Quiz! Try the game out to see if you have what it takes!

How To Play

  • Interact with the game and choose the correct answer by clicking the left mouse button.
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