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The Mini Crossword is one of the classic word puzzle games beloved around the world. There is no better way to start the day and get the cogs working inside your brain than by playing crossword puzzles. But we all know mornings can be very hectic, and that’s why The Mini Crossword came into existence. In comparison to the classic crossword games, this game is shortened to a 5x5 grid. This greatly reduces the time needed to solve the puzzle, so you can continue brewing coffee without haste!

What’s better, there are so many benefits to playing The Mini Crossword! It is a great (and fun) way to learn new words, and successfully solving the puzzle will give you immense satisfaction. Games like these are just challenging enough to give you a dopamine boost, but not so much that they would leave you racking your brain. Let’s have fun while trying to find the right words for the clues!

How To Play

  • Read the clues (both down and across), and fill in the answer to complete the crossword.
  • Related games: Diffle.
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