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Get ready to rack your brain with Twordle, a unique word puzzle game in which you have to find two secret words, one horizontal and one vertical. This time, you use letters instead of words as you try to find the clues for the secret words. Can you find these words without using all the blank slots inside the 5x5 grid?

While Twordle may look similar to Wordle, it has very different gameplay. The game keeps the green-yellow-gray color coding from the original title, but players can choose any blank slots in the grid and use any letters they like. With each letter, the game gives clues about the horizontal and vertical words, which are separate from the grid and in their orange-colored boxes. After running out of all the slots in the 5x5 grid, players can try guessing the secret words. Beware, though; you only have one chance to type a letter in any slot, and guessing any slot in the orange-colored boxes will make the 5x5 grid unusable!

How To Play

  • Choose a blank slot (both in the 5x5 grid or orange-colored boxes) and click a letter to reveal the hint.
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