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Want a simple but extremely enjoyable puzzle? Meet Woodoku, a popular Sudoku-inspired game. But this time, instead of numbers, the game is filled with wooden blocks! Try to place the blocks into the 9x9 grid so they can make beautiful horizontal and/or vertical lines, and watch them disappear with full satisfaction!

Woodoku features highly addictive gameplay and simple premises. Players only have to put blocks of different shapes into the 9x9 grid in such a way that they can create horizontal and vertical lines. In each round, you will be presented with three blocks, and you need a place to fit them all into the grid. With each successful line created, all the blocks inside that line disappear, making room for new blocks to be put in. As simple as it looks, there is a lot of thinking and strategizing needed in Woodoku in order to achieve high scores!

How To Play

  • Click and drag the wooden blocks into the grid with your left mouse button.
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