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If you have been following the daily Wordle puzzles, chances are that you may think, "One puzzle is really not enough!". But now, you can play as many games as you want with Wordle Unlimited. As the name suggests, there are unlimited games available, so you can hone your word skills as well as expand your vocabulary. Find the mystery words today and keep on guessing!

Wordle Unlimited boasts a number of interesting features that allow players to tailor the game based on their preferences. Players can pick the number of letters for the chosen word, which ranges from 4 to 11 letters. However, the number of attempts is always six and remains the same regardless of the options. In addition, the game is suitable for every player’s English knowledge with the choice to change the "Word weirdness". Whether the chosen words are common or extremely obscure, the choice is up to you! Best of all, you can create your own Wordle game with your word of choice and share it with friends!

How To Play

Type or use the virtual keyboard to create a word. Based on the guessed word, the game will give color-coded letter hints:

  • Letters in green: They are in the right place!
  • Letters in yellow: They appear in the chosen word but aren’t placed correctly.
  • Letters in gray: They don’t belong to the chosen word.

You have six attempts in total to guess the chosen word. Good luck!

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