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Looking for a well-made puzzle game incorporating math elements? Look no further, since Threes is the best choice for that! In a 4x4 grid, slide the numbered tiles around to merge the ones with the same number into something bigger. As you progress, you will come across tiles with higher numbers while trying to make space inside the grid!

Threes has a simple premise, which is to combine tiles with the same number value in order to make tiles with a higher value, with an exception to tile numbers “1” and “2”. At the beginning, players can combine tiles with numbers “1” and “2” to create a number “3” tile. After that, players can combine two 3-numbered tiles to create a tile with the number “6”, and so on. However, whenever you slide the tiles, new ones will spawn in the blank slots, so make sure to merge as many tiles as possible to reach high scores!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move all the tiles in your desired direction.
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