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Love a good word puzzle game similar to Wordle but with a little twist? Enter Dordle, a game that will put your word skills to the test! In this game, players’ role is to determine two 5-letter words simultaneously within seven guessing attempts. After each guess, the game will provide players with letter clues: letters in green boxes mean that they are already in the right place, while letters in yellow boxes indicate that the letters belong to the chosen words but are in the wrong place. And lastly, any letters grayed out after use mean that they don’t belong to the word at all. Use these clues and try to uncover the two words to complete the game!

There are two modes available for players in Dordle. In Daily mode, a new puzzle is available only throughout the day, while in Free mode, you can play as many games as you want! 

How To Play

  • To guess the chosen word, start typing or clicking on the virtual keyboard.
  • Related games: Dordle 2.
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