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Do you think that you are a funny person? Let the internet confirm your sense of humor in Make It Meme, a game where you get to create memes and show them to others! Take a look at others’ memes and rate them while others rate yours, and whoever gets the most points wins the game!

In Make It Meme, players can make memes and show them to their friends and/or strangers online. In each game, players receive a random meme and have to think of quirky captions within a time limit. After that, each freshly-made meme will be shown for 15 seconds so players can rate them. Whoever has the most positive reactions wins the game. In addition, there are three different game modes in ​​Make It Meme: Normal, Same Meme, and Relaxed. In Normal mode, each player has a different meme, while in Same Meme, everyone receives the same meme and has to think of the funniest captions. Or, if you simply want to create and enjoy memes with no stress, try out the Relaxed mode!

How To Play

  • When you receive a meme, type in your captions.
  • During the rating, you can choose the up arrow button to upvote, the down arrow button to downvote, or the “meh” button if you don’t want to vote.
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